Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sick, Pack, Flight, Go

So as to end the suspense I'm sure everyone has about Kevin's dig wondering about my ability to rent a van and if it would be successful - it was. Also, I never played the tuba - but I did play the french horn.

Starting this ironman week was tough. I came down with a cold on Friday. I thought I was alright on Saturday and did a 3.5 hour bike with Kevin, might have been a mistake. Basically for the rest of the weekend I was out of commission. I had a lot of packing to complete and things to buy for the race which I wasn't able to do. Also, Monday I had A LOT of work to complete before the trip. Thankful to say I did complete everything on Monday - the better story is the flight to Vegas. Tuesday woke up and was throwing last minute essentials into my bag and cut my pinky on a razor, realized I had no bandaids so I taped some gauze on my finger to get to Molly's on time, or else feel her wrath. Of course I was a little late and had to ask Molly for bandaids. With bandaids in hand we were off to the airport.

During the flight I felt fine but began to lose my voice, now this may have been good noise for Kevin and Molly but was annoying to me. The flight was uneventful. We ended up meeting Pat (QT2) in the men's room at the Vegas airport, Kevin seemed to have no problem getting his attention when Pat was using the urinal - no modesty there Kevin! After retrieving the car - and picking up my 3 companions we were off to drive from Vegas to St. George Utah! Let me tell you - there is not much there but we went through a spectacular rock formation about half way. St. George is a beautiful city and the condo we're staying is pretty nice. I'm now forced to eat extremely well will all these other crazy triathletes around - but oh well.

Today (Wednesday) we had a swim in the reservoir, a bike up some long hills and a run. It is wicked windy here which could prove to be interesting. Also, we got temporary tattoos for our race number and age! We are so cool - well not Kevin.

3 more days and I'm pretty nervous - should be alright as long as I beat Kevin (no worries - easy).

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