Sunday, April 18, 2010

2 weeks to go

Kevin and I talked about keeping our first Ironman adventure recorded for posterity (or for quick deletion if either of us tank), and what better way to keep us honest then posting it on the web for all to see. Kevin suggested we do this in the style of Bill and Ted's excellent adventure. I changed the title a bit to protect the innocent, of which there are none here. During our journey we will be posting (well me really, not sure Kevin knows what a blog is yet, but he's about to find out since he has one) videos and pictures so you can live vicariously through our escapade! and I'm hoping that the more people who can share my pain during the race the better, cause there's going to be a lot.

For those who want to know how training has been going for me, well lately it has been a bit frustrating. To keep my heart rate in my aerobic zone I've had to really start pushing the bike, so it is much harder to maintain my training heart rate, which has led to workouts being pretty rough. Wattage on the bike, speed on the run and swim have all increased but it doesn't seem much easier even though my heart rate is lower. I'm sure this will pay off in the end but when your first week of taper is still 19 hours of working out, I'm definitely feeling burned out. I'll stop here for now and let Kevin tell his side of the story, just make sure you don't bring up how crazy the swim will be at Utah, he's rather sensitive to that.

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