Sunday, April 25, 2010

76 trombones in the big parade is safe to say that no other triathlete in Utah can claim to getting their start in triathlons as a result of their high school marching band career. That explains when I passed you on the run at your first 1/2 ironman in Arizona why it looked like you were carrying a tuba...and I thought you played the french horn. Next year we go to New Orleans.

For the past 3 years Trent and I have traveled to Lake Placid to watch the ironman. And the plan last year was to volunteer at Lake Placid to secure a spot for the next year. But for the 3rd year in a row in rained and when in rains in Lake Placid in July it is torrential. The thought of biking down some of the hills in the rain where you can hit speeds of 50 mph was not appealing. Wiping out at that speed would put a crimp in my plan to live until the age 0f 105.

So at some point during the swim when we were volunteering in kayaks, the skies opened up and I yelled to Trent "forget Lake Placid we are going to Utah next year". This is probably a good time to mention the kayak story. It is about 6:00 AM and we are getting ready to go out on to Mirror Lake (no they don't swim in Lake Placid). Trent positions his kayak in the water and proceeds to place one foot in the kayak and then.......yes....while standing he places the next foot in. Now Trent has many talents but standing in a kayak is not one of them. We could only hope that the athletes he pledged to protect would not get wind of his inability to keep himself a float let alone help tired swimmers.

Time to take inventory of what I need to bring with me to Utah. I have taken care of the flights and the hotel leaving car arrangements up to Trent. Well it is only 100 miles from Vegas to St George, Utah just in case they run out of vans. Flights leaves Tuesday morning...stay tuned.

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